Tre Boston Jersey

Alright let’s get this out of the way now. Yes, Eric Berry is a great player, has had a good career so far, is one of the best when healthy, blah blah blah. Nobody saw cancer coming, can’t count that against the poor guy.

Honestly, if Berry doesn’t miss the last two years between cancer and injury then he isn’t a free agent. Eric Berry is a very good player, but if you’re going to bring one of these two men to Cleveland, it needs to be Tre Boston.

Boston produced almost identical numbers compared to Berry in his last healthy year. Mention the fact that Boston knows and has played for Steve Wilks, the current Browns defensive coordinator.

Berry also hasn’t had a quarterback hit since 2014. Yes, the man has talent, but this team should look to go younger, more familiar. and potentially more talented on this defense that is being assembled.

“Steve, Eric Berry fought injuries and cancer AND still came back and had a good year.” You know what Joe Schmo, he sure did. You also know what? His year after his cancer diagnosis, he had right around the same kind of year that Boston gave last year. So, do you take a younger, coming into his prime player who has experience with the current defensive coordinator, or do you take a player who has played only three regular season games in the last two years and is injury prone?

Go younger, potentially cheaper, close to the same skill set, and one who has that bond with their future defensive coordinator.